Cost Of Liposuction In Mexico

When deciding where to go for liposuction, the cost will be a big deciding factor. All things being equal regarding quality and care, the final price is what will help you make the final decision.
The cost of liposuction is determined by:
–    The body area and the size being treated
–    The size of the patient
–    Surgeons fees
–    Anaesthesiologists fees
–    Hospital or clinic costs
–    Pre-op and aftercare
–    Other related expenses (compression garments etc)
In a country like the US where the standard and cost of living is very high, the cost of liposuction can get very expensive. Hospitals often have huge running costs and this translates into the patient paying more for treatment. Surgeons and anaesthesiologists can almost charge what they like, especially if they are well known and have plenty of experience. Other costs separate from the surgery also need to be taken into account, things like tests before your liposuction, aftercare following your surgery and any other extra accessories and medications you are required to buy. Even though the actual cost of liposuction seems reasonable, the total cost might be much more than what you thought you were paying.
Although the cost of liposuction varies from clinic to clinic in the US, you would be looking at paying $3500 – $5000 for the liposuction of a small area. This may or may not include all the extras.
The cost of liposuction in Mexico, however, is much more affordable. Liposuction of a small area ranges from $2300 – $2500, liposuction of a medium sized area is around $3300 and liposuction of a large area starts from $4000. As you can see, the cost of liposuction in Mexico starts at a lower price than in America. This is without compromising on the quality of care and the results of your surgery.
One of the benefits of travelling to Mexico for liposuction is that you can use your time there to enjoy all that it has to offer. Depending on where you go, you can relax on the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Cancun or spoil yourself in the resort of Puerto Vallarta. By saving the money you would have spent on liposuction in the US, you can put it towards your dream vacation in Mexico!

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