Your Breast Augmentation Preparation

It is important to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery. The first step is to choose a suitable plastic surgeon and consult with him or her about the best options for you. Make sure you ask all the necessary questions so that you feel completely comfortable with the breast augmentation procedure and understand every step of the way

During your consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will explain what is involved with breast augmentation and outline the options you have regarding size and shape. Many women have different reasons for wanting to enhance their breasts as well as varying expectations of the outcome and these will also be discussed in detail. It is important that the decisions made during your breast augmentation preparation will give you your desired breast augmentation results.

Breast Augmentation Preparation

There are a number of things you need to do in order to prepare for your breast augmentation:

  • The plastic surgeon will tell you what tests are required and if you need to stop taking particular medications
  • As smoking interferes with the healing process, you will need to stop smoking at least three weeks before your surgery
  • There are a number of herbal supplements that some surgeons recommend you start taking before getting your breast implants in order to help you heal faster
  • It is a good idea to go shopping for things like medication that you will need after your surgery so that you won’t have to worry about them when you should be recovering.
  • Preparing your recovery space at this time is also recommended.
  • With regard to getting time off work, you will need 7-10 days but it will take about one month for you to fully heal. Patients can generally return to work in 1-2 weeks, as long as you refrain from strenuous activity or anything that will increase your blood pressure.
  • Generally, the cosmetic surgeon will provide very specific instructions so you can prepare for your breast augmentation

As you will be away from home during your treatment, you should take extra care during your breast augmentation preparation. Even if you have had a consultation in the US, you will probably be required to have another one with your cosmetic surgeon in Mexico.

Doctor/Patient relationships are very important to the plastic surgeons in Mexico and they try very hard to keep you informed every step of the way. Fortunately, communicating with them is easy because they and most of their staff speak English. Like the surgeons in the US, they will also give you specific instructions to follow before getting your breast implants. If you have any questions about anything, your plastic surgeon should be available to answer them.

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