Eyelid Lift Preparation

Your eyelid lift preparation is an important time for you. This is when you do most of your research and start thinking about all of your options. It is also the time when you book yourself in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Mexico. He needs to know that you are a good candidate for an eyelid lift and that you understand all aspects of the eyelid lift procedure.

An eyelid lift is used to rejuvenate old and tired looking eyes but it can also be a treatment for conditions such as ptosis. Your treatment might be a relatively straightforward procedure in which case, the cost of your eyelid lift in Mexico will be quite affordable. If you require more extensive surgery or the underlying issues of your ptosis are rather complicated, the cost of your eyelid lift will be higher. Talk to the plastic surgeon about your payment options so that is not something you are worrying about while recovering from your eyelid lift.

One of the most important aspects of your eyelid lift preparation is understanding the risks and side effects associated with an eyelid lift. Make sure you know what these are and how to deal with them quickly and effectively.

While trying to work out a treatment plan during your eyelid lift preparation, the plastic surgeon will recommend 1-4 eyelid lifts and discuss any other procedures that may be beneficial. Many people often choose to get an eyelid lift done in conjunction with a facelift or nose surgery.

Before you travel to Mexico, you should obtain your medical records so that the plastic surgeon can examine them. Some existing conditions will prevent you from being able to have an surgery so these need to be discussed in detail while you are preparing for your eyelid lift.

Now is a good time get your recovery space ready by purchasing any medication or accessories you may need. Try to set aside this time so that you can just recover and not have to run around chasing something you forgot about during your eyelid lift preparation.

You will need to stop smoking a few weeks before your blepharoplasty because this interferes with your body healing properly. You will also need to stop taking any medication that thins your blood because this can be dangerous while you are being operated on.

The plastic surgeon will give you a detailed list of pre-operative instructions that you should follow closely during your eyelid lift preparation.

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