Am I A good Candidate For Breast Reduction?

Women with overly large and pendulous breasts are good candidates for breast reduction. This is because their heavy breasts cause them back, head, shoulder and neck pain, and they get in the way of many everyday activities. If a woman is bothered or frustrated by her large breasts, she may consider surgery to reduce them in size as well as lift them up to her chest. The weight of her breasts can often cause bra straps to dig into her shoulders, even if they are extra wide and designed for larger breasts. Finding bras and clothes that fit is also difficult and many women feel embarrassed because they perceive themselves to be out of proportion. Because the symptoms of large breasts can often become medical, health insurance sometimes covers breast reduction surgery. After her breast reduction surgery a woman is able to feel much more confident about her appearance.
Males with gynecomastia are usually very embarrassed by their condition and choose to get male breast reduction. It usually develops while they are a teenager but does not disappear later on in life, even with a healthy diet and exercise. Depending on what their breasts are caused by (fatty breast tissue or glandular breast tissue), men will either have surgery, liposuction or a combination of both to reduce their breasts in size. Men who are simply overweight and unhealthy are not good candidates for breast reduction procedures.
Unless their large breasts are causing them severe problems, breast reduction procedures are not usually performed on young men or women. Those who are obese or have other health issues (particularly relating to their organs) are not good candidates for breast reduction surgery. Neither are women who are planning to breast feed.
The best candidates are men and women who feel that their breasts are causing them problems and so want to reduce them in size. They must be aware of all the risks and side effects of the procedure and fully understand everything that is involved.

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