Your Breast Augmentation Results

The results of breast augmentation will vary from person to person. As each woman is unique, the decisions they made about the type of incision used during the breast augmentation procedure, the type of implants (saline implants, silicone implants or gummy bear implants) and their location will lead to different outcomes.

Your breasts will be bigger and fuller. The final result will ultimately depend on the size of the implants that you chose – they may only be a bit bigger or they may be significantly larger than your original breasts. Larger implants will add a small amount to your total weight.

The Lasting Impression of Breast Augmentation

Your breasts will have a different shape to them and they might feel different. Once again, this depends on the implants you choose before your surgery. The aim is to get your breasts feeling as natural as possible.

Your breasts may now be more symmetrical than they were before. This is the case if your chose to get implants to correct asymmetry.

Your breasts may be “perkier” – especially if you also underwent a breast lift at the same time. In the weeks and months following your breast augmentation, your breasts may appear slightly off in position or shape. This is because your skin has been stretched over the implants making your breasts firm and high. They will eventually soften and fall slightly to look and feel more natural.

One thing to keep in mind is that silicone breast implants last for an average of 16 years so you will probably need to get a breast augmentation revision after this time. Saline breast implants do not need to be replaced unless they deflate.
In order to optimize your breast augmentation results, please follow the post-operative instructions that your cosmetic surgeon gives you as carefully as you can. The full results of your breast augmentation won’t be seen for many weeks so be patient and wait for your body to heal. Once you have recovered, you will be able to do almost everything that you did before. Some people don’t even notice that they have had breast augmentation!
Because the same technologies and methods are used in Mexico, the results of breast augmentation are not dependent on your location. If anything, the affordable cost of breast augmentation in Mexico allows you to choose from the very best clinics, surgeons and implants so your breast augmentation will probably be better than what you would have experienced back home.

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