Vaginoplasty Recovery

So that your vaginoplasty recovery is as quick and painless as possible, you must follow the plastic surgeons post-operative instructions very carefully. As you will be in Mexico in the days following your surgery, you will be able to see the surgeon if you have any questions or problems. By the time you go back to the US, you should be healed enough to not need another check up. Still keep in touch with your plastic surgeon in Mexico, however, just in case any risks and side effects occur.
The following is a list of things that you need to keep in mind while recovering:

Dissolvable stitches will be used during your vaginoplasty so you don’t have to worry about getting them removed. They will come out on their own within the first week.
Any pain that you feel during your vaginoplasty recovery will be treated with pain medication and your plastic surgeon may also prescribe you antibiotics to decrease the chances of infection.
You can have a shower 24 hours after your vaginoplasty but you will only be able to have showers and not baths for the first week.
You will not be able to use tampons for the first 10 days of your vaginoplasty recovery but wear a pad instead. This is to help with any bleeding that may occur.
Urinating during your vaginoplasty recovery may be difficult and painful. This is because the urine passing over the wound leaves you with a burning or stinging sensation. You can alleviate this by either urinating in the shower or by pouring warm water over the area as you urinate in the toilet.
There will be some swelling and bruising after the surgery but these will subside in a couple of weeks and the full result of your vaginoplasty can be appreciated 1-2 months afterwards.
Avoid wearing tight fitting underwear or pants during your vaginoplasty recovery.
You should not do anything strenuous for at least three weeks after surgery. Try to avoid anything that will increase your blood pressure.
Your body needs to heal after your vaginoplasty and so it is recommended that you do not engage in sex for 4-6 weeks after the surgery. After this time you may still need to be gentle.
You may have some scarring but the surgeon will do all he can to make sure they are small and hidden in the folds of your skin. The scars will heal over time and you will not even be able to see them after a few months.

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