Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

The breast augmentation procedure is usually performed at an outpatient clinic because the surgery is only 1-2 hours long. In some cases, however, your plastic surgeon may ask you to stay overnight.

Immediately after your surgery, you may feel nauseous from the anaesthesia but this will soon wear off. Your surgeon may also tell you to put cold compresses on your breasts for the first 48 hours to help reduce swelling and soreness. You will also have to sleep on your back with your upper back and head elevated to reduce swelling and pain.

The cosmetic surgeon may have placed one or more drains in your incisions to remove excess fluid. These are thin plastic tubes that are left in place for a few days after surgery but they are usually removed at your first follow-up appointment.

It is important to keep your incisions dry because liquids may cause inflammation. Surgical tape is usually enough for this. Keep in mind that you will not be able to shower until your incisions are closed and your stitches have been removed. As you cannot raise your hands over your head while recovering from breast augmentation, you may not be able to wash your hair for a week.

So that you remain healthy during your breast augmentation recovery, take your temperature frequently to make sure that your body isn’t fighting off an infection. This will be indicated by a higher temperature. If the surgeon has prescribed medications such as pain relievers or antibiotics, be sure to take them for the required amount of time and don’t take medication that your doctor doesn’t know about because they may cause adverse side effects.

How Will I Feel After Breast Augmentation

For a few weeks after your breast augmentation surgery, your breast implants will feel firm and sit high up on your chest but they will soon soften and drop down to the correct level. Some cosmetic surgeons suggest that you use a compressor strap or elastic bandage to help push the implants down.

You will be able to start moving 2 days after your breast augmentation surgery and it is recommended that you walk around as soon as you are able in order to help prevent blood clots. It will take you about one month to feel like you are fully healed. In this time the stitches will be removed and the bruising will disappear. Swelling usually lasts for 3-4 months after the surgery but this will decrease over time.

Having breast augmentation in Mexico is an excellent option for people who want to recover in a relaxing yet colourful environment.

There are plenty of things to do in Mexico when you feel ready and lots of exciting places to see if you want to get out and about. Your breast augmentation recovery can easily be turned into a dream vacation!

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