Breast Lift Techniques

There are two different breast lift techniques used. The standard, full breast lift technique is described on the breast lift procedure page. Here, we will look at modified breast lifts.
The idea behind modified or limited breast lifts was to achieve the same results without as much scarring by using fewer incisions. It can be a most appropriate technique for certain patients but not necessarily for others. This is because a dramatic change cannot be made with smaller incisions and so women who need a full lift will necessarily need more incisions. Usually, modified breast lifts are done in conjunction with breast augmentation or the insertion of breast implants.
There are a few variations of the modified breast lift. The Benelli breast lift (concentric mastopexy or donut lift) involves the removal of a concentric piece of skin around the areola and carrying out the lift that way. The Crescent breast lift is similar to this but more breast tissue is removed from above the nipple. The Lollipop breast lift combines the Benelli breast lift with a vertical incision towards the breast crease.
These modified breast lift techniques are all available in Mexico so you should talk to your plastic surgeon about what is right for you. He may even be able to suggest a technique suitable for you that you haven’t heard of yet. The size and shape of your breasts, the size of your areolas, and amount of droopiness you have are all things that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you in order to determine the treatment.
In the time before your plastic surgery in Mexico, you could do some research into breast lifts so that you can start to understand all of the different things that need to be taken into consideration. That way, you are fully prepared for your surgery.

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