Sensitivity After Your Breast Augmentation

One of the most common questions women ask about this surgery is: “Will I have the same amount of sensitivity after breast augmentation?” The answers vary depending on many factors and each woman will have a unique experience.

In order to measure changes in breast sensitivity, your plastic surgeon can perform a sensitivity test before the surgery. They use a variety of techniques to evaluate breast sensitivity and nipple erection following stimulation but it is difficult to scientifically calculate the results. Usually, a woman compares the sensitivity of her breasts while recovering from breast augmentation surgery to their sensitivity from before and notes any changes.

Potential Sensitivity After Breast Augmentation

Loss of Sensitivity after Breast Augmentation

Some women lose sensitivity in the nipple or the surrounding skin after breast augmentation surgery but sensation usually comes back within a few weeks. When it does, you may experience sharp pains, itchiness, heat, tingling and prickling in your nipples and breasts. These are temporary and occur because nerve function is returning. In rare cases, loss of sensation can be permanent because nerve endings in the breast and nipple have been damaged.

Over-sensitivity after Breast Augmentation

Some women experience very erect and sensitive nipples after breast augmentation surgery. During the healing process their breasts are extra sensitive and sometimes painful as a result of the pressure in the skin as it is pulled tighter to accommodate the implants. This feeling will begin to subside as the incisions heal and the tissue gets used to the breast implants

The surgical technique used during the breast augmentation procedure, location of incision and type of breast implants all have the ability to affect the sensitivity outcome. It is important to note that a particularly large implant may stretch or compress the nerve supply and affect sensitivity.

Surgical Techniques

  • periareolar incisions can affect the nipple and areola region but no permanent sensitivity changes occur
  • transaxillary incisions can lead to nerve damage in the underarm area which then affects the arm and shoulder
  • transumbilical incisions can result in nerve damage if done badly or with sharp instruments
  • inframammary incisions have a greater chance of damaging nerves or changing sensitivity (especially if the implant is placed under the muscle)

Most women experience no change in sensitivity after their breast augmentation. The cosmetic surgeons in Mexico, like the ones in the US, will inform you of any potential breast augmentation risks and side effects regarding sensation and do everything they can to minimize loss of sensitivity and over-sensitivity.

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