Risks And Side Effects of a Facelift

The facelift procedure has been significantly refined since it first started being performed. These days, you can get long lasting results and choose from different types of facelifts in order to achieve the look you desire.

However, there are a number of facelift risks and side effects you need to be aware of. These will be explained to you by your plastic surgeon at your initial consultation in Mexico. One of the most important things you will discuss is what makes a good candidate for a facelift. This is because the risks and side effects of facelift surgery are increased in smokers and patients with certain medical conditions. If you are not suitable for a facelift, alternative treatments may be suggested. He will also give you detailed pre-operative instructions to follow while you are preparing for your facelift so that potential complications are minimized.

Some facelift risks and side effects can occur during your facelift recovery. You must follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions to avoid these. If anything that concerns you comes up during this time, do not hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon.

The following is a list of facelift risks and side effects:

Nerve Damage
During your rhytidectomy the plastic surgeon is in very close proximity to the nerves that control your facial muscles. If he is not careful or experienced enough, he may accidentally damage these nerves resulting in short or long term complications.

Hematoma is the collection on blood under the skin and is a common risk associated with many cosmetic surgery procedures.

A seroma is a pocket of serous fluid in the body that sometimes develops after surgery. The body takes time to absorb this fluid but the surgeon might leave small tubes in the incisions to help drain it.

Skin Necrosis
The incidence of skin death increases greatly in patients who have been or are smokers. This is because smoking reduces blood flow around the body and if the incisions are not supplied with enough blood, the skin around them will die. Skin necrosis also leads to visible scarring.

You can get an infection from any surgical procedure. The infection can be mild or severe but you must do what you can to contain it before it causes further complications. You can tell that your body is fighting an infection because your body temperature rises. Be sure to check your temperature while you are recovering from your facelift.

Cosmetic Facelift Risks and Side Effects
You may be dissatisfied with your results. Your face may appear asymmetrical or the surgeon may have removed too much skin making your face look like it has been stretched. Make sure you have a good plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in carrying out facelifts in order to avoid this.

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