Am I A Good Candidate For A Breast Lift?

Pregnancy, weight loss and breast feeding all lead to saggy breasts. The aging process also contributes to these factors. Women who feel that their breasts are no longer youthful looking or perky want to get a breast lift so they can feel better about themselves. Their new profile can help to boost their self confidence and make them feel sexier. Not all women, however, are good candidates for a breast lift. Read on to find out if getting a breast lift is right for you.

Good Candidate for a Breast Lift

A healthy adult who has done their research and knows what is involved with a breast lift procedure

Someone who is well informed about the results, risks and side effects as well as the capabilities and limitations of a breast lift

A woman who has realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery and is prepared to accommodate any issues that come up

A woman who is emotionally well adjusted, has a healthy diet and exercises regularly

An unsuitable candidate for a breast lift is a woman who:

  • A woman with unrealistic expectations about the final result of her breast lift
  • A woman who is unsatisfied with her body in general
  • Someone who has been pressured into having surgery by the people around them
  • Someone who is unhealthy and lives an unhealthy lifestyle
  • A woman who is unwilling to accept the potential risks and side effects that could occur if they were to have a breast lift

Bear in mind that the aging process will continue and your breast lift is unlikely to keep as you get older. If you are planning on having more children and breastfeeding them, know that these will have an impact on your breasts and stretch them like they did last time. During your consultation with your plastic surgeon in Mexico, he will decide if you are a suitable or unsuitable candidate for a breast lift and set up a personalized surgical plan for you accordingly. Then you can start preparing for your breast lift surgery.

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