Risks And Side Effects of Vaginoplasty

All surgery procedures involve risks and vaginoplasty is no exception. The most important thing is that you are aware of them and know what to do should any complications arise while you are recovering. During your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon in Mexico, he will explain all the risks and side effects of vaginoplasty. He will also outline your options if anything unexpected happens. It falls to the surgeon and the clinic to take care of a patient if there are any complications and that is why you will be scheduled for a number of follow up appointments so they can make sure your vaginoplasty recovery is going well. Talk to your plastic surgeon if you notice anything abnormal so that it can be dealt with straight away.
Some vaginoplasty risks and side effects are related to the procedure itself or a reaction to the anaesthetic (local or general) while others can take place after the surgery. As you can see, these complications range from mild to severe.
Some of the risks and side effects of vaginoplasty:
Bleeding, bruising
Loss of sensitivity
Nerve damage
Temporary numbness
Not being happy with the results
Pigmentation changes
General scarring
Excess scar tissue buildup (lumps on the treated area)
Hematoma (formation of a blood filled area as the result of a broken blood vessel)
Blood clots
Sexual dysfunction
Nausea or allergic reaction to the anaesthetic
The scar left on the opening of the vagina may lead to complications and pain during childbirth later

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