Cost Of Breast Reduction In Mexico

Optional treatments such as breast surgery can often get very expensive in developed countries. This is because the costs and standards of living are much higher than other parts of the world. What people are starting to realise, however, is that they can undergo the same treatments in high quality facilities with exceptionally trained surgeons just south of the border. Men and women are discovering Mexico as a medical tourism destination. Mexico is becoming a place where you can go to combine affordable treatment and a relaxing or fun filled vacation.
The overhead costs involved with running hospitals and clinics vary quite a bit but we know that they are definitely more expensive in the US than they are in Mexico. This necessarily translates into more expensive treatment for the patient. Surgeons in the US also charge much more for their services than plastic surgeons in Mexico which is another reason why breast reduction there is more expensive. This is in addition to hospital fees, anaesthesia, aftercare and medication etc.
In the US, the average cost of a breast reduction ranges from $5000 to $7000. This includes anesthesia, ($1,000 to $1,500), the facility fee ($500 to $2,000) and the surgeon’s fee. When you compare that to Mexico, you can see the difference. The total cost of breast reduction in Mexico is $3900 to $4500. That is less than the minimum you would pay in the US and includes everything. You can even use the money that you saved to have a wonderful holiday!
It is important to be aware, however, that the cost of breast reduction will vary according to each individual procedure. Some patients need more extensive work than others to reduce their breast size or graft their nipples in a different location. Talk to your plastic surgeon in Mexico and get him to develop a surgical plan for you.

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