Eyelid Lift Recovery

Your eyelid lift recovery is a time that you should spend relaxing and healing. It is a good thing that you choose to come to Mexico for an eyelid lift because there are plenty of ways you can do this here!

You may be in some pain after your surgery but the surgeon will provide you with medication to alleviate this. Your eyes will be bandaged and so you will need someone to take you home from the hospital. If you had an eyelid lift on both upper and both lower eyelids, your eyelid lift recovery will take longer than if you just had treatment on one eyelid.

The plastic surgeon in Mexico will give you very specific post-operative instructions that you need to follow closely in order to minimize eyelid lift risks and side effects. Some of these instructions will deal with how to clean your eyes. Make sure you have everything you need to do so.

The stitches in your eyelids will be removed 2-7 days after surgery. When you go into the clinic to have this done, the surgeon will talk to you about any issues that may have come up so that you can both deal with them effectively and continue on with your eyelid lift recovery.

Most people can read and begin to watch television two days after their blepharoplasty but much of this depends on how quickly your body heals. It is important not to push yourself too hard while you are recovering because healing takes place in its own time.

You will not be able to wear contact lenses for a few weeks after the surgery. As the sensitivity of your eyes diminishes, you can try contacts depending on how your eyes feel. If you rely on contacts for vision, be prepared to wear glasses for the first few weeks of your eyelid lift recovery. Make sure you take this into account while you are preparing for your eyelid lift.

The eyelid lift procedure is a great way to make your eyes look younger. After a few weeks you will be able to see fantastic results that are definitely worth waiting for!

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