Your Breast Lift Preparation

So, you have flown to Mexico to get a breast lift. Now what do you need to do to prepare for your breast lift? The first thing is to arrange for a consultation with a plastic surgeon at the clinic or hospital of your choice. Some decisions need to be made and you’re going to need to talk to a specialist before you can make them. Have a think about what your expectations of the breast lift are and maybe write down any questions you might have. It can be a good idea to bring in photos of your breasts before pregnancy/breastfeeding/aging/weight loss. Otherwise bring in pictures of breasts you like the look of so your surgeon knows what your ideal is.
First of all, the surgeon might suggest you get some tests done to make sure that everything will be okay. He may even suggest a mammogram so he can compare it to the one you will get a few months after your surgery. Any changes that have taken place in your breast tissue should be detected and examined.
You may be asked to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin and other blood thinners. If you need, the surgeon will provide you with alternatives. You will need to stop smoking about 3-4 weeks before your breast lift and not start again until 3-4 weeks afterwards. This could be a good time to quit!
The most important thing is that your surgeon will provide you with a detailed list of instructions that you need to follow during your breast lift preparation so everything goes smoothly and your risks and side effects are minimised. If anything happens that could potentially affect your breast lift surgery, let the surgeon know as soon as possible so a course of action can be found.
The breast lift procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthetic. This means that you will be asleep but you will not need to stay overnight in the hospital or clinic. Sometimes it may be performed using a combination a local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. In this case, you will be taken into a recovery area and monitored until it is okay for you to go home.
The only thing left to do now is relax and recover!

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