Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure is carried out under local or general anesthetic as an outpatient treatment. It takes about 2.5-3 hours for the surgery and then you can go home a few hours later. There are a number of breast lift techniques used but we will focus on the most common one in this section.

To lift the breasts, three incisions are made. The first is around the areola (or, the pigmented area surrounding your nipple), the second runs downwards from the areola to the breast crease and the third is a horizontal incision made underneath the breast. All three incisions together look like an anchor and create flaps where excess skin will be removed.

The first part of this breast lift procedure is the removal of excess skin. The second part is moving the nipple and areola to a new location higher up on your chest. During this latter part, the areola can be reduced in size if it was stretched out from before. The breast is then reshaped and stitches are put in place.

If you need a significant amount of lift, you are also likely to need more incisions. Women who only require a small amount of lift won’t need such extensive incisions.

So that you don’t lose the sensation in your nipples, they remain connected to the tissue and nerve endings underneath the breast. This will also allow you to breastfeed later.

This particular breast lift procedure may not be right for everyone but your plastic surgeon will explain what techniques are commonly performed in Mexico and help choose the best one for you. He will also explain the risks and side effects associated with each one.

The first few days after your surgery will be fairly quiet. You are encouraged to move around but the focus is on recovering and taking it easy while your body heals. You could go back to work in a week or two but it is best to refrain from doing anything overly strenuous.

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