Your Breast Reduction Preparation

While you are in Mexico you will have an in depth consultation with your plastic surgeon. During this consultation, you will discuss the benefits of breast reduction together with the associated risks and side effects. Your cosmetic surgeon will also try and work out the best surgical plan for you and make it as personalized as possible.

The first step of your breast reduction preparation is to have a baseline mammogram before the surgery. This is so it can be compared with the mammographic examination you will have a few months after the surgery. Any changes that have taken place during this time will be detected and the best course of action will be decided upon.

You will need to stop smoking weeks before your surgery. You will also be asked to avoid certain pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs because they can cause increased bleeding. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with additional pre-op instructions and it is very important that you follow them so that your surgery is as smooth as possible. There will be some rules regarding food and drink, especially for the days just before your surgery.

The breast reduction procedure is usually performed as an outpatient surgery. If you need to stay in the hospital or clinic, it will usually only be for one night. You will probably need someone to look after and help you for a couple of days after the surgery. You will not be allowed to smoke for about one month afterwards so that your body heals better.

Once you know exactly how everything will proceed, you can start making your own arrangements and preparing for your breast reduction. It is best to go shopping and buy things like medication in the weeks leading up to your breast reduction so you are not caught out when you are supposed to be recovering. Try and make everything as easy as possible so all you have to worry about when you get out of the hospital is getting better.

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