Hypertrophy Of The Breast

Hypertrophy of the breast is a rare connective tissue disorder that is also known as Gigantomastia or macromastia. It is basically an enlargement of the breast by at least 600 grams, sometimes reaching up to 10 kilograms. Scientists and doctors think that the condition may be caused by an extreme sensitivity to female hormones resulting in an abnormal reaction of the breast tissue. The breasts get bigger and the skin overlying them is stretched significantly. Hypertrophy is often related to pregnancy but is not exclusively connected to it.
Hypertrophy usually affects one breast more than the other which results in severe asymmetry. Although both breasts by this stage are exceptionally large, one breast becomes much more extended than the other. Sometimes only the nipples or the area surrounding the nipples can be affected leading to either a slight variation or a significant variation.
Hypertrophy can be virginal or gestational. Virginal hypertrophy is when it occurs in developing young girls and leads to rapid breast growth. Sometimes this is accompanied with pain and itchy sores on the breasts. Gestational hypertrophy occurs in pregnant women either at the onset of pregnancy or between the 4th and 5th month of gestation. The symptoms of this type of hypertrophy are much more dramatic and include swelling, very hot breasts, itchy and/or peeling breasts and suppression of the milk supply.
Although hypertrophy can be treated using a variety of drugs, some women resort to breast reduction surgery in order to remove the large amount of weight their breasts have obtained. This can sometimes be covered by insurance because it has become a medical issue rather than simply a cosmetic one. The cost of breast reduction in Mexico is much more affordable than in the US and that is why many patients with hypertrophy are choosing to go there.They can then use their recovery time to have a wonderful relaxing holiday, either getting out and about or relaxing on the beach!

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