Open and Closed Nose Surgery

You can undergo either open or closed nose surgery. Open rhinoplasty is a more extensive form of surgery that enables the doctors to have greater access to inside the nose while closed rhinoplasty is better suited for patients needing less modification to their noses. During your nose surgery preparation in Mexico, talk to your plastic surgeon about which method is better for you. One of the things you can do is to come to your first consultation with pictures of noses you like so the surgeon can get an idea of what you want to achieve. It may be that you need open nose surgery, it may be that you only need closed nose surgery. The most important thing is that you know what the procedure can and cannot do for you.

Open Nose Surgery

Open rhinoplasty usually takes longer than a closed nose surgery procedure. During open rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor makes a small incision on the skin that separates the nostrils (the columella) as well as additional incisions inside the nose. The exterior incision rarely creates noticeable scarring. These incisions offer the doctor a direct view of the lower 1/3 to ½ of the nose. The surgeon then reshapes the bone or cartilage, depending on your desired results. The surgeon may also place grafts into the nose for additional support. Grafts are little pieces of bone, soft tissues, cartilage or manmade material to assist in the reshaping of the nose. Because this type of procedure is more involved, there are a number of nose surgery risks and side effects that you should be aware of. Make sure you speak to your plastic surgeon about them so you know what to do should any complications arise.

Closed Nose Surgery

Closed nose surgery or “endonasal rhinoplasty,” does not involve the exterior incision in open rhinoplasty. Rather, the doctor modifies interior bone and cartilage through small incisions within the nostrils. Although closed rhinoplasty is generally performed on less extensive nose surgeries, it is generally a more difficult procedure because surgeons have less visibility within the nose. If you are a good candidate for nose surgery, this may be the procedure best suited to you. It is best to work this out beforehand so that you will not need nose surgery revision later.

Both open and closed nose surgeries are widely common. You will want to discuss the experience your plastic surgeon in Mexico has with both techniques. It is generally a good idea to go with the technique your surgeon has more experience in so that your nose surgery recovery is not complicated with unnecessary issues.

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