Am I A Good Candidate For A Facelift?

Do you feel young but think that you look old?
Is your face showing undesirable signs of aging?
Are the lines and wrinkles on your face bothering you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a good candidate for a facelift.

A facelift (or, rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens loose muscles in the face, removes excess skin and fat, and shapes the contours of the face so that a person looks younger. The facelift procedure is carried out on healthy, well adjusted men and women above the age of 40. Younger patients are not usually good candidates for a facelift because they don’t show enough signs of aging to justify the surgery.

You need to know why you desire a facelift and you also need to be aware of its capabilities ad limitations. These issues will all be discussed during your facelift preparation when you first have a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Mexico. He will establish if you are a good candidate for a facelift and make sure that you have reasonable expectations of the outcome.

One of the first things that the plastic surgeon will do is examine your face and facial structure for any of the following:
–    Sagginess
–    Fat deposits
–    Creases around the eyes (particularly lower eyelids)
–    Creases along the nose and mouth (laugh lines)
–    Excess skin under the chin and around the jaw

He will then talk to you about the different types of facelifts and which one may be the most suitable for you. Some of these are more extensive than others and take longer to perform. You may require other procedures as well as or instead of a facelift such as an eyelid lift or a brow lift. In some cases, botox or skin treatments may be all that you need.

Not everyone is a good candidate for a facelift. Younger adults won’t generally be treated unless they are showing dramatic signs of aging. Unhealthy men and women who live unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to experience facelift risks and side effects. It takes some time to recover from a facelift so the patient needs to be able to set aside this time and not be overly concerned with their appearance for the first couple of weeks.

Patients who smoke or have various other health conditions such as diabetes, are not good candidates for a facelift. Neither are people with unreasonable expectations of the surgery. A facelift will not make you younger. It can make your face look younger and make you feel better about yourself but it will not necessarily change your life of who you are.

Talk to your plastic surgeon in Mexico today and find out if you are a good candidate for a facelift.

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