Cost Of Breast Augmentation In Mexico

The cost of breast augmentation in the US can be very expensive. For women seeking affordable surgery, the thousands of dollars they would be expected to pay for breast implants is simply out of their range. That is why more and more patients from the US are looking to places like Mexico for their healthcare.

They know that they will receive high quality treatment for a fraction of what they would pay back home because the cost of breast augmentation in Mexico is so much less. In fact, they will receive even better treatment in Mexico because they can afford the very best there.

Rather than choosing cheaper alternatives in the US and perhaps not getting exactly what they want, a patient who comes to Mexico for breast augmentation can choose from the best clinics, cosmetic surgeons, implants and aftercare. Many clinics even offer affordable package deals that include transport and accommodation as well as your surgery fees so all you have to organise are flights and spending money!

Rewarding Cost of Breast Augmentation

The cost of breast augmentation depends on many factors:

  • Highly qualified surgeons in the US can charge exorbitant fees for their services
  • The overhead costs involved with running a hospital are quite different to the overhead costs involved with running an office or a private clinic
  • Some breast augmentation procedures are easier and less time consuming therefore cheaper
  • The cost of the implants themselves vary widely in price from place to place
  • The cost of a local anesthetic will be cheaper than a general anesthetic
  • There are also pre-op tests, aftercare, medications and accessories that you may need to purchase

In the US, the average total cost of breast augmentation ranges from $4000 – $10,000. The implants are usually included in the surgery fee and they range from $1000 – $1300. The anesthesia fee is around $600 – $800 while the facility fee is around $800-$1200. The remaining cost is the surgeon’s fee and this is probably the greatest variable. As you can see, breast augmentation in the US can get very expensive!

The average total cost of breast augmentation in Mexico ranges from$4000 – $5000. This is significantly less than what you are expected to pay in the US and includes everything. The best part is that you know you are paying for top of the range treatment without compromising on quality. The money that you save on your surgery can then be put towards enjoying your vacation in Mexico!


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