Am I A Good Candidate For Vaginoplasty?

Before undergoing any type of surgery, your plastic surgeon in Mexico will have a consultation with you to make sure that you are a good candidate for vaginoplasty. Fortunately, all you really need to be is a healthy, well adjusted individual in order to have the surgery.
There are, however, a number of things to think about when working out if you are a good candidate for vaginoplasty. The most important thing is that you need to have realistic expectations of the capabilities and limitations of this treatment. You also need to be fully aware of what the procedure involves as well as the risks and side effects of vaginoplasty.
Here are some reasons why a woman may want to get vaginoplasty:

–    Her vagina feels loose and intercourse is not pleasurable because there is no friction

–    Her vagina feels like it is  protruding, bulging or falling out

–    She may experience pelvic pain or pressure

–    She may have difficulty urinating or have stress urinary incontinence

–    Sexual intercourse can feel painful

–    She wants to feel the same way she did before giving birth to children


A large percentage of women will develop some form of pelvic floor disorder leading to incontinence after birth. Many others will have their vaginal integrity compromised as a result of having one or more children. Most doctors recommend that women who have just given birth wait at least a year before undergoing vaginoplasty.

Although most of the women who undergo vaginoplasty have had children, women without children can also have the procedure. These are women who have naturally relaxed vaginas or women whose vaginas have loosened over time. It is, however, recommended that they wait until after giving birth if they are planning on having a baby in the near future.

Critics of vaginoplasty argue that women are putting themselves at unnecessary surgical risks by choosing to undergo this procedure. They feel that the desire for vaginoplasty is market driven and women are being wrongly influenced by pornography where the “ideal” female genitalia are displayed.

To be a good candidate for vaginoplasty and any other cosmetic surgery procedure you need to be a well adjusted individual with a healthy body image. You are not a good candidate for vaginoplasty if you are doing it out of pressure or if you have unreasonable expectations of what this treatment can achieve for you.

Surgery is a serious procedure and you will need to weigh your reasons for vaginoplasty and its related procedures against the potential risks and side effects.

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