Tummy Tuck Recovery

Your tummy tuck recovery will depend on the state of your general health and on how you approach this healing period. It is necessary that you follow the post operative instructions of your plastic surgeon closely, especially if your recovery time is going to be spent in Mexico. During your tummy tuck recovery, pay attention to your body and note any issues you have so that you can discuss them further with the surgeon. The plastic surgeons in Mexico recognize that your tummy tuck recovery is a delicate time for you. As a result of this, they will endeavor to maintain a close relationship with you in order to minimize potential tummy tuck risks and side effects.
If you had a major tummy tuck procedure your recovery will take longer than if you had a minor one. Having liposuction at the same time may also contribute to a longer recovery period. Your body has just had a large amount of skin removed, your abdomen muscles have been tightened and fat deposits have been liposuctioned out. Your tummy tuck recovery will take time.
Many patients expect fast results but this is not the case with an abdominoplasty because many weeks are needed for your body to recover from all the surgery and changes that have taken place. A good candidate for a tummy tuck knows this and will be patient during the recovery process. It is common to feel frustrated during your tummy tuck recovery but know that you will see amazing results soon.
You will probably need to take 1-2 weeks off work so you can focus on healing. Other patients may require 3-4 weeks for their tummy tuck recovery. Try to relax and not do anything strenuous during this time because it is important to keep your blood pressure at normal level and to avoid reopening your wounds.
The first few days of your tummy tuck recovery will be the most difficult. You may feel discomfort and pain but your plastic surgeon will give you a prescription for painkillers to help with this. It is recommended that you get plenty of rest first and then start walking around in a few days in order to prevent blood clots and reduce swelling. Some light exercise one week after your surgery can also help you to heal faster.
Plastic surgeons often provide their patients with a compression garment during their tummy tuck recovery. This is to be worn under your clothes for a few weeks after surgery. The compression garment helps to improve blood circulation and minimize swelling after your tummy tuck. It may also help you to heal faster and thus resume your regular activities sooner. The most important thing that it does, however, is allow your skin to fit its new contours better.
Much of your tummy tuck recovery will be discussed during your initial consultation. You will be advised to follow pre-operative instructions during your tummy tuck preparation so that your recovery is as smooth and pain free as possible.

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