Breast Augmentation Revision

There are a number of reasons why women chose to have breast augmentation revision. It is important to understand your options if: you are not happy with your results, it is time to get your implants replaced or there are complications that need to be fixed.

Even if a woman was happy with her original implants, subsequent aging, weight loss or childbirth and breastfeeding may have affected their appearance and feel. In some of these latter situations, a breast lift is done in conjunction with breast augmentation.

One of the main reasons women undergo breast augmentation revision is because they want to go bigger or smaller. Cosmetic surgeons generally recommend that a woman waits 3-6 months before having revision surgery so she can get used to her new breast implant size and allow for full healing to take place. In other cases, women decide that they want remove the implants altogether.

If there was a problem with the original surgery, breast augmentation revision is carried out straight away. If the issue is more cosmetic rather than medical, breast augmentation revision is carried out later.

Breast Augmentation Revisions

Some revision surgeries are fairly straightforward while others are more complicated – especially if a change in the location of the breast implant is involved.

Capsular contracture (breast implant hardening) is the most common implant related complication of breast augmentation surgery and tends to occur within the first few months of surgery. It is caused when scar tissue forms around the implant resulting in breast stiffness. Capsular contracture can be fixed after 2-3 months if massage or medication don’t help.

Other common medical issues that require breast augmentation revision are implant displacement or rupture. The displaced implant is usually put back into place while the ruptured one is replaced with another implant.

Breast augmentation revision often ends up costing more than the original surgery. This is because it can be more complicated and the surgery and recovery times may be longer.

Breast augmentation revision in Mexico follows the same process as that in the US. If your original surgery was in the US, it is advised that you bring your earlier medical reports to the consultation at the clinic in Mexico so that your plastic surgeon has all the necessary information.

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