Risks And Side Effects of A Breast Lift

Plastic surgeons in Mexico and around the world have been carrying out breast lifts for many years now. There have been significant technological advances made and the procedure itself has become very refined but it is still necessary for patients to be aware of all the potential risks and side effects. Fortunately most breast lifts these days are complication free with only the expected about of pain and discomfort. Nonetheless, you should discuss all issues with your plastic surgeon as they come up. There is no difference in the type of complications that arise from being in Mexico as opposed to the US because the breast lift techniques are the same.

Risks and side effects of a breast lift as a result of anesthesia
Allergic reaction
Increased blood pressure and heart rate

Surgery risks and side effects of a breast lift, cosmetic complications

Excessive bleeding
Hematoma (break in a blood vessel)
Seroma (collection of fluid underneath the skin)
Blood clots
Tissue death (necrosis)
Loss of sensation or numbness in the nipples or breast area
Unwanted scarring
Soreness and stiffness
Poor incision healing
Being unhappy with your results
Asymmetrical breast
Nipples not at the same height

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