Nose Surgery Revision

Nose surgery revision is the most common type of revision surgery. This is because of the complicated and delicate nature of rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is particularly difficult for surgeons because the nose is such a central component of the face. Changes that are only as small as a millimeter can lead to dramatic differences in the way a person looks. Patients don’t often realize the capacity of such small modifications before they have their surgery.

The plastic surgeons in Mexico try hard to give you an idea of the results you can expect during the first stages of your nose surgery preparation. However, the full effect is not made apparent until much later. You will be able to see the results of your nose job within the first few weeks but your nose will only be completely healed 12 months after your surgery. If someone desires nose surgery revision because they are dissatisfied with their results, they will need to wait for this time to pass before they can undergo another rhinoplasty.

The majority of nose surgery revisions take place in the form of open rhinoplasty. If the shape of the nose was reduced, surgeons can insert grafts to augment the shape. Grafts are tiny pieces of bone, cartilage or soft tissue that can be used as supportive features in the nose. If not enough changes were made during the first nose surgery, surgeons can act accordingly.

The cost of nose surgery revision is higher than the initial rhinoplasty because it takes longer and is more complicated. Nose surgery risks and side effects also increase. The cost of nose surgery in Mexico is much less than the cost in the United States and the same goes for nose surgery revision.

Even though nose surgery revision is a relatively common procedure, surgeons do not recommend undergoing more than two nose surgeries. Very few plastic surgeons would be willing to perform rhinoplasty on a patient a third time.

The best way to avoid rhinoplasty revision is to first make sure you are a good candidate for nose surgery. Listen to the advice of your plastic surgeon and be as detailed as possible while explaining your desired results. It is absolutely necessary to establish a good relationship with your surgeon so that communication is open and you feel comfortable talking to him about your concerns.

If you had your first rhinoplasty in the United States but have travelled to Mexico for thinoplasty revision, make sure you have all your medical records with you. There may be important and relevant information that will help your surgeon further.

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