Breast Implants

Breast implants are silicone or saline filled implants used in breast augmentation or breast enlargement procedures. They can vary in size, be smooth or textured and be inserted from a number of different places to different locations.

During your initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon in Mexico, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of breast implants. Implants can help a woman with low confidence feel better about her fuller profile. That is why breast implants are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world.

There are many reasons why women choose to get breast implants but not everyone is a good candidate for breast implants. It is important to discuss your reasons for treatment and any potential issues with a cosmetic surgeon.

Breast implants in the US can get very expensive because the overhead costs of clinics and hospitals there are significantly more than other countries. Getting breast implants in Mexico is a much more affordable procedure.

If a woman is unhappy with her breast implants she can get them removed. She may prefer different implants that are more suitable for her body shape or lifestyle. Other women choose to undergo a permanent breast explantation for medical reasons as a result of breast augmentation risks and side effects.

Types of Breast Implants

Saline Filled Breast Implants

Saline implants are filled with a salt solution and enclosed in an outer shell made of silicone rubber material. One of the main benefits of using saline implants is that they only need a very small incision so that means your scars will be smaller.

Silicone Gel Filled Breast Implants

Silicone implants are very popular because they feel the most natural. Most silicone implants on the market today have 3 layers of shell surrounding the gel which reduces chance of rupture.

Gummy Bear (Cohesive Gel) Filled Implants

Gummy bear implants are the latest in implant technology and they combine the safety of saline implants with the natural feel of silicone implants. They also last much longer than standard breast implants.

Smooth and Textured Breast Implants

One of the choices you need to make when choosing your breast implants is whether you want them to be smooth or textured. Each have a unique set of properties which can be more or less suitable for the individual patient.

Breast Implant Sizes

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimetres. They start at 120 cc’s and go up to 850 cc’s. During your initial consultation, you should talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the best implant size for you. Size is probably the biggest decision you will have to make when considering your breast implants.

Fat Transfer in Breast Implants

Since liposuction became popular and large amounts of fat were able to be harvested, many women could choose to use this fat in their breast implants. The procedure is still being developed but there are some significant advantages of fat transfer in breast implants that make it appealing.

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