Related Vaginoplasty Procedures

Since vaginoplasty became more mainstream and moved away from traditional gynaecological surgeries, a number of related vaginoplasty procedures have arisen. Some of these still have a basis in medical treatment and focus on function while others are more cosmetic or used to enhance sexual pleasure. Bear in mind that all procedures involve their own risks and side effects and talk to your plastic surgeon to find out if you are a good candidate for them.
Here is a list of some related vaginoplasty procedures available in Mexico:
Hymenoplasty, Hymen Repair Surgery, Revirginisation
This related vaginoplasty procedure reconstructs the hymen in a woman’s vagina after it has been damaged. Hymenoplasty basically recreates physical virginity. It is particularly popular with Middle Eastern women for whom virginity is very culturally important. Older women who have been married for a number of years are also choosing to undergo hymenoplasty in order to share the “first time” experience with their husbands. Either a flap of the vaginal lining is used to recreate the new hymen or a membrane is created and then put in place.
Clitoroplasty, Hoodectomy, Clitoral Hood Reduction
Clitoroplasty is a procedure related to vaginoplasty that removes some of the clitoral hood in order to expose more of the clitoris so a woman can enjoy greater pleasure during sex. Some women find it difficult to orgasm because the clitoral hood is so large or thick. The procedure takes about one hour under local anaesthetic and 1-2 weeks to recover. It is usually done in combination with labiaplasty.
Laser Perineoplasty
The perineum is located between the anus and the vagina. Laser perineoplasty is a related vaginoplasty procedure that tightens the muscles of the perineum in order to enhance sexual stimulation. Childbirth can result in the cutting or tearing of the perineum while significant weight gain can stretch it.
Augmentation Labiaplasty
This related vaginoplasty procedure is essentially the opposite of labiaplasty or labia reduction. Fat from fat deposit sites around your body is removed, purified and then injected into your labia to “plump” them and make them seem more youthful looking. Augmentation labiaplasty can also be used to treat sagging labia or increase the size of abnormally small labia. As fat is reabsorbed into the body, the results of this procedure will only last for about  year.
G-Spot Amplification
The g-spot is a highly erogenous zone located in the vagina that leads to orgasm when stimulated. In order to increase sexual pleasure, many women are booking themselves in for this related vaginoplasty procedure. A needle is used to inject specially developed and processed collagen directly into the g-spot making it larger than it normally is. The procedure itself only lasts a few seconds. The results last for about 4 months but a repeat injection is required after about 3 months if you want to maintain the same amount of sensation.

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