Difference Between Smooth and Textured Breast Implants

When you are choosing your breast implants, one of the questions that you will be asked by your plastic surgeon during your consultation is: would you like textured implants or smooth implants? There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to each so it is important to take these into consideration while considering all of your breast augmentation options. Also be aware that there are a range of textures from the perfectly smooth to the very rough. Both smooth breast implants and textured breast implants are available in Mexico.

Textured Breast Implants

  • Textured implants were originally designed to reduce capsular contracture (hardening of the breast tissue around the implant)
  • The textured surface actually allows the breast tissue to grow into the implant thus fixing it to the surrounding tissue
  • Textured breast implants are firmer than smooth implants and have the feel of fine sand paper


  • Since the textured breast implant doesn’t allow for as much movement as smooth breast implants, it is easier to provide the shape that the patient desires
  • You have the option of choosing round or tear drop shaped implants because their textured surface prevents the implant from flipping or turning in the pocket


  • You are more likely to feel the natural ripples and wrinkles of the implant itself because your breast tissue is adhering to and pulling on it
  • Textured breast implants may cause discomfort to the surrounding tissue
  • They have a higher risk of leaking

Smooth Breast Implants

  • Smooth implants have a thinner, smooth outer shell and are said to last longer than their textured implants
  • They are available in various profile styles including moderate, high and low
  • Most smooth breast implants are round


  • Smooth breast implants do not adhere to any breast tissue and are free to move inside the “pocket” that has been created for your implant. If this has been done correctly, you are less likely to see and feel the implants and your breasts also move more naturally
  • Smooth implants have less rippling
  • Smooth implants are often cheaper than textured implants


  • Smooth breast implants have a higher rate of capsular contracture
  • The weight of smooth breast implants may stretch the pocket that has been created for them thus reducing the fullness of the top half of the breast

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