Breast Implant Sizes

The biggest decision you will have to make after deciding to have breast augmentation is choosing the breast implant size. This will depend on your own anatomy, your perceived ideal and what breast implant size is appropriate for your lifestyle.

While you are having a consultation with your plastic surgeon in Mexico, he will talk to you about other important factors such as general health and skin. You must have enough loose skin that is thick enough to cover your breast implants. Even though your skin will stretch naturally to accommodate the implants, this may be an issue for woman who don’t have enough loose skin or who want very large implants.

During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will talk to you about what your ideal breasts would look like and if what you desire is feasible. It may be useful to show him pictures of breasts that you like and explain what you hope to achieve.

Doctor/patient relationships are very important to the cosmetic surgeons in Mexico. They want you to be as open as possible in your communication with them because this allows them to work out the best implants for you. If, for example, you only want a modest breast augmentation, they might recommend fat transfer in breast implants (especially if you are considering liposuction at the same time). Otherwise, standard breast implant sizes will probably be the way to go.

How are Breast Implants Sized For You

Breast implants are measured in cc’s or cubic centimetres because it is their volume that is being taken into account – not the cup size you will be. Cup sizes are relative and vary widely from country to country. Breast implants start at 120 cc’s and go up to 850 cc’s.

A larger breast implant will not necessarily give you greater cleavage because cleavage is related to the space between your breasts and not the size of them. While trying to work out what you would like, also think about the shape of your breasts and the shape of the implants that will suit your figure. Some women may need a breast lift as well as breast augmentation to lift their saggy or droopy breasts.

Think carefully about how big or small you want to go. The majority of breast revision surgeries are carried out on women who were not happy with the breast implant size they chose.

Your plastic surgeon may give you some implants to try in your bra to see what size you like the look and weight of. He may also show you a computer generated image of what you will look like with different breast implant sizes. This may help you make your final decision.

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