Your Breast Reduction Recovery

During the initial consultation you had with your plastic surgeon in Mexico, he would have explained to you that your breast reduction recovery period is a time where you need to rest and focus on healing. Your body has experienced trauma and it needs to heal from this. That is why he will give you a detailed list of things you should and should not do to avoid risks and side effects.
Straight after your breast reduction, you will probably be in a lot of pain but you need to get out of bed and walk around for short periods of time. This will be easier after a few days. You must avoid straining yourself or doing anything that will increase your blood pressure. You will be advised to sleep on your back so that there is no pressure on your breasts. You might even have to put pillows underneath you so that your upper body is elevated.
When you go to your check up a few days after your breast reduction, any surgical drains that were put in place will be removed and your bandages will also be changed or removed. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to wear a special support bra for a few weeks – just to prevent further swelling. The stitches around your breasts will be removed in stages over about three weeks starting one week after your breast reduction surgery.
You may experience changes in the sensitivity of your nipples and areolas. This usually is temporary but it may take some time before you get the same sensations back. Your breasts might look a little strange at first but they also need time to assume a more natural shape.
After your breast reduction you can start working again in a couple of weeks – unless your job is particularly strenuous in which case you will need more time off. Otherwise, you can resume all your normal activities a few weeks after the surgery. Any sexual activity should be avoided for at least one week and you will need to be gentle with your breasts in the following weeks. There might be some pain and discomfort at times but these are to be expected.
You will have to see your plastic surgeon at prescribed intervals after your breast reduction for follow up. If you are travelling back to the United States, make sure you have all your medical records with you so that your local doctor can further assist you with your breast reduction recovery.

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