Nose Surgery Risks and Side Effects

Patients face the same risks and side effects of nose surgery in Mexico as they would in the United States. All cosmetic surgery procedures need to be seriously considered, especially if done under general anesthetic.

There are more risks and side effects connected to open nose surgery than to closed nose surgery because it is a more complicated procedure. The same goes for nose surgery revision. Keep this in mind when you are making decisions during your nose surgery preparation.

Each individual contemplating rhinoplasty needs to weigh the potential benefits with the potential risks and side effects of nose surgery. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these in detail with you so that you know what to do should any complications arise. He will also establish if you are a good candidate for nose surgery so that risks and side effects can be minimized.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, you will need to tell your plastic surgeon so that appropriate measures can be taken. There are certain conditions that may disqualify you from undergoing a nose job.


The following is a list of nose surgery risks and side effects:


Cosmetic Risks and Side Effects of Nose Surgery:

Dissatisfaction with results

Unwanted scarring



Surgical Risks and Side Effects of Nose Surgery:


Inability to breathe through your nose

Damage to the septum


Excess bleeding

Necrosis (skin death)

Ruptured blood vessel



Bruising and swelling

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