Cost Of A Breast Lift In Mexico

Plastic surgery is expensive. Aesthetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance so you have to pay for everything yourself. In the US where the cost of living is very high, treatments can sometimes reach the tens of thousands of dollars. For an ordinary person with an average wage, cosmetic surgery isn’t even an option.

Until now that is. Places like Mexico are becoming increasingly popular with medical tourists – especially for plastic surgery. This is because Mexico has some of the most highly qualified plastic surgeons in the world and they work in state of the art clinics, sometimes even better than the ones you would find at home. Because the overhead costs of running a clinic or hospital in Mexico are much lower than they are in the US, this translates into affordable healthcare for everyone. The best part is, you can have a wonderful holiday while you are recovering from your breast lift in Mexico!

In the US, the cost of a breast lift has a number of components. These include the cost of the anesthesia ($1000 – $1300), facility fees ($500 – $1500) and the surgeon’s fees. This last fee is the most variable and depends on the surgeon’s background, education and experience. In total, you are looking at an average of $3500 to $6000 for a breast lift in the US.

Turning to Mexico now… The cost of a breast lift in Mexico is $3900. That is a fraction more than the minimum that you would pay in the US! Add your flights and holiday expenses to that and you reach the average that people pay in the US for breast lift surgery. It sounds so much more appealing to go on holiday to an interesting location for a breast lift procedure doesn’t it?

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