Am I A Good Candidate For Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery can be a great solution for someone who feels self conscious about their nose. People don’t often realize how crucial the nose’s size, shape and symmetry can be to the overall look of the face. Nose surgery has the ability to boost the confidence of both men and women but this procedure is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

A good candidate for nose surgery will put a lot of consideration into the procedure. As part of their nose surgery preparation, they will have several consultations with a plastic surgeon in Mexico. During one of these consultations, the plastic surgeon will analyze the patient’s bone structure, surrounding cartilage and the skin in and around their nose. From his analysis, he will be able to establish if you are a better suited for open or closed nose surgery.

A good candidate for nose surgery will also have realistic expectations of their results. Patients generally desire nose surgery revision because they did not have realistic expectations and/or a concrete understanding of the rhinoplasty procedure. Patients who jump into rhinoplasty without really thinking about their reasons for surgery are not good candidates for nose surgery.

Age is not usually a factor in determining if someone is a good candidate for nose surgery. In fact, people who undergo rhinoplasty include a large proportion of younger patients. The average age of nose surgery patients is less than the average age of those who undergo any other form of cosmetic surgery. However, the plastic surgeons in Mexico recommend that their patients are at least eighteen years old to ensure that the nasal structure has fully developed. A good candidate for nose surgery is someone who has waited for their facial features to be fully set in place. People who are still developing pose a larger risk of requiring nose surgery revision later.

To be a good candidate for nose surgery, you need to be healthy and well adjusted emotionally. If you are taking certain medications, you may need to stop them or discuss alternatives with your plastic surgeon. You will also need to stop smoking because this can affect your nose surgery recovery by slowing it down.

Rhinoplasty is a relatively difficult cosmetic procedure. Because of this, patients with very thin upper nasal cartilage face more nose surgery risks and side effects. Your plastic surgeon in Mexico will do a thorough analysis of your nose to ensure that you are indeed a good candidate for nose surgery.

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