Breast Reduction Techniques

The main aim of breast reduction surgery is to reduce your breast size without undermining the breast tissue and to preserve normal sensitivity. There are a variety of techniques that enable this. While you are in consultation with your plastic surgeon in Mexico, he will talk to you about the size and shape of your breasts and how much you would like to reduce them in order to determine the best technique for you. For example, if obvious scarring is something you wish to avoid, your cosmetic surgeon may use a method that does not employ the vertical incision running from the bottom edge of the areola to the breast crease. Here are some examples of breast reduction techniques:
Inferior Pedicle Technique
The inferior pedicle technique (keyhole, inverted-T or “Wise pattern” reduction) is the one most commonly used in North America. The benefit of this technique is that it can be performed using a smaller incision than other techniques. Basically, an incision encircling the areola is made and then this is extended downwards towards the breast crease. Excess skin, glandular tissue and fatty tissue are removed and the nipple and areola are moved to their new locations. A disadvantage of this technique can be the “square-ish” breasts that sometimes result but they are not overly common.
Vertical Scar Technique
The vertical scar technique is becoming more and more popular in the US because a smaller incision is made and the breasts look perkier after surgery. The surgery time is also shorter and the results are maintained over a longer period of time. The vertical scar technique has a smaller or non-existent horizontal scar and it is suitable for women who only need a small reduction.
Horizontal Scar Technique
The horizontal scar technique involves a horizontal incision at the breast crease. It allows the option of a smaller scar for women who are too large for vertical scar techniques. The main advantage of this technique is that it leaves no scar on the breast itself. The disadvantage of this technique is that it sometimes results in box like breasts. Sometimes the scarring along the inframammary fold can be significant.
Liposuction-only Technique
The liposuction-only technique does not have a very dramatic result and so is used on women who have breasts that aren’t quite as large. It does not leave as much scarring and has a faster healing time. The best candidates for this procedure are women who have fatty, non-dense breast tissue with good skin and only a little droop. The liposuction-only technique is employed together with some direct excision of tissue in male breast reduction (gynecomastia) surgery.
All of these breast reduction techniques result in a certain amount of breast lift but they also have a tendency to stretch out the skin envelope over time.

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